White Collar Sideshow is going to Europe & we need your help!

We are excited to announce that we are teaming up with Steiger International as we have been accepted to the Steiger Missions School in Krogis, Germany. www.steiger.org/sms This 10 week school has a track specific for touring artists. “Platform(Steiger's Association of Evangelistic Artists) exists to identify, train, equip and release Christian artists as missionaries to proclaim the Gospel outside the church culture.” The school runs from June 14-Aug 21. 

Please prayerfully consider helping to send us to Germany. From the beginning of our marriage, to the beginning of WCS, our desire has been to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” We are excited to watch God work through all of this and we thank you for your support! Please share this list with anyone who may be interested in helping us! Feel free to message with any questions!

Our Needs:

*your prayers!

*advice/tips from anyone who has experienced a European trip/time in Germany

*an Expedition Backpack-T and Philip have one, I would prefer to borrow one rather than purchase one, it will be my only bag for the 4 month stay, so I'm wanting a pretty big one (5000 cu in or so)

*any friends between Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg or in London we need to meet/stay with??

*Financial needs

     School Tuition is about $2400 each($7200) This includes room and board

     Flights are around $1200-$1500 roundtrip each (if anyone has airline points they would like to gift us-I'm not sure how that works)

     Train tickets/ground transportation inGermany

     Phone service in Europe

     Travel insurance ($115 total for the 3of us the entire summer)

     Money to cover our few bills back home


Ways you can give:

For a tax deductible donation through Come&Live! https://secure.acceptiva.com/?cst=d20719

Paypal: send gifts to booking@whitecollarsideshow.com

You can send directly to our bank account (please contact me for info)

Our address: PO Box 10866, Ft. Smith,AR 72917

I have also reduced the price on all of the shirts in our merch store! www.whitecollarsideshow.com

We have a show in Paris, AR on 3/29 at Rockin Rooster! We are not planning a spring tour, however if you would like us to come speak/share our story before June, please contact us at booking@whitecollarsideshow.com

Please share this note with anyone who may want to help us out! Thank you so much for love, prayers and support! We love you!

T, Veronica and Philip




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Established in 2006 and living like cowboys and gypsies ever since, 
TD Benton's "White Collar Sideshow" is an Industrial Shock Rock band that has captivated audiences around the globe...

Hailing from Fort Smith, Arkansas (the city famous for it's gallows) 
White Collar Sideshow has a vaudevillian feel with a horror movie twist.
TD Benton provides vocals and skins, Herr Schwein hammers the drums, special effects are done by Leech, while The Faceless Woman slams the bass in
her 9 foot go-go cage...

We recorded our latest album -The WitcHunt- with producer/engineer Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, John 5, Tommy Lee)
at the Atrium studio in Calabassas, CA. Chris has helped us define our unique sound while keeping the integrity of our passionate live performance..."

WCS has been defined by many different shapes and forms:
*Amazing & spectacular  *strange but true  *revolutionary  *original  *intense  *honest  *relevant  *exciting  *inspirational  *passionate  *beautifully-artistic  *loving  *forgiving  *convicting  *unbelievably-weird  *haunting  *unusual  *extreme  *mind-boggling  *insane & crazy  *horrifying  *disgusting  *garbage  *offensive  *distasteful  *trashy, even *the devil!!

td benton


herr schwein


the faceless woman