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Arkansas Shock-n-Roll

"Click here for Booking"

"Click here for Booking"

Industrial flair, add a touch of Vaudeville and a Twist of Twilight Zone

~Established in 2006 and living like cowboys and gypsies ever since, White Collar Sideshow is an Arkansas shock-n-roll spectacle that has captivated audiences around the globe with a Fearless sense of theatrical showmanship!


~WCS hails from historical Fort Smith, AR (a city famous for it's gallows) and travels the world with a unique sound and passionate live performance! Husband & wife duo- T.D. (Drums/Vocals) and Veronica Benton -aka- Faceless Woman (Bass/Vocals) -are working on their 3rd album/film titled "I Didn't Come Here to Die." 


 ~The latest album/film 'The WitcHunt' was filmed/edited by Travis Joiner in Ft. Smith, AR -and recorded with producer/engineer Chris Baseford at the Atrium studio in Calabassas, CA. 

~"I Didn't Come Here to Die," White Collar Sideshow's third album was recorded once again with Chris Baseford in Hollywood. It is set to release in 2019.

Our 'Sideshow' by testimony, has many different shapes and forms:
*Amazing & spectacular  *strange but true  *revolutionary  *original  *intense  *honest  *relevant  *exciting  *inspirational  *passionate  *beautifully-artistic  *loving  *forgiving  *convicting  *unbelievably-weird  *haunting  *unusual  *extreme  *mind-boggling  *insane & crazy  *horrifying  *disgusting  *garbage  *offensive  *distasteful  *trashy, and *THE DEVIL.


~ Booking Inquiries-  
~A NEW ALBUM and FILM are on the horizon!!!!
Titled "I Didn't Come Here to Die" 
We hit the Studio with producer Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie/ John 5/ Nickelback) back in June! Also, we are in post production for the film and getting closer to finishing this off for our live performance, Whew!
~We are still in need of financial support. We have recently sold our big rig "The Winchester" and are on the hunt for a new tour vehicle. We could use your help! One time or monthly supporters, -it's all appreciated. You definitely keep us going! We are currently 50% funded.
~We have more physical copies of  our last album,"The WitcHunt" CD/DVD, in stock now or download it- whatever is easier. Please check out our Merch Store, every little bit helps keep us going.
~Thank you for keeping up and supporting this crazy journey!!
Please feel free to message anytime!