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Arkansas Shock-n-Roll

 The relentless and independent -White Collar Sideshow- performs as a "Shock-n-Roll" husband/wife duo hailing from the historic city of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Started in 2006, TD and Veronica Benton (drums, bass, vocals) have lived on the road for over ten years and have played across the globe with their second concept album/film titled "The WitcHunt." 

Embracing the phrase "Shock-n-Roll" and mixing their country, metal and industrial influences, they are calling the new tunes "Space Westerns" and plan on releasing their third concept album/film titled "I Didn't Come Here to Die"  in October 2019. 

WCS doesn't require contracts or guarantees for their performances. For over 10 years, they have lived on the generosity, love and donations from amazing people just like you.

"Music and Film are a great excuse to hang out with people. We can use our stories to help each other realize we are not alone."

"I Didn't Come Here to Die" was recorded in Los Angeles and produced/engineered/co-written by Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, Avril Lavigne, John 5, Nickelback). It includes a cover of "Break on Through" by the Doors as well as a bonus version of "Tombstones for Eyes" recorded at the Family Mob Studio in São Paulo, Brazil with Andre Kbelo and Jean Dolabella (Sepultura/Ego Kill Talent). The accompanying original film, produced at 5 Star Productions in Fort Smith, was filmed and edited by Travis Joiner. It is a black and white nod to The Twilight Zone, and is considered a "space western" with an underlying theme about identity. This film is also the backdrop to the bands live performance. For more information or questions about this shock-n-roll husband/wife duo, please contact Veronica at