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Arkansas Shock-n-Roll

"Click here for Booking"

"Click here for Booking"

White Collar Sideshow's third album titled, I Didn't Come Here to Die, will release in 2019. It was recorded in Los Angeles and produced/engineered/co-written by Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, John 5, Avril Lavigne, Tommy Lee..) It includes a cover of Break on Through by The Doors as well as a bonus version of Tombstones for Eyes recorded at Family Mob Studio in São Paulo, Brazil with Andre Kbelo and Jean Dolabella (Sepultura/Ego Kill Talent). The accompanying film, produced at 5 Star Productions, is a black and white nod to The Twilight Zone, it's considered a "Space Western" and the underlying theme is about identity. It will play alongside the band live on stage. For more information or questions about this Shock-N-Roll husband/wife duo, please contact Veronica at

Our 'Sideshow' by testimony, has many different shapes and forms:
*Amazing & spectacular  *strange but true  *revolutionary  *original  *intense  *honest  *relevant  *exciting  *inspirational  *passionate  *beautifully-artistic  *loving  *forgiving  *convicting  *unbelievably-weird  *haunting  *unusual  *extreme  *mind-boggling  *insane & crazy  *horrifying  *disgusting  *garbage  *offensive  *distasteful  *trashy, and *THE DEVIL.


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~A NEW ALBUM and FILM are on the horizon!!!!
Titled "I Didn't Come Here to Die" 
We hit the Studio with producer Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie/ John 5/ Nickelback) back in June! Also, we are in post production for the film and getting closer to finishing this off for our live performance, Whew!
~We are still in need of financial support. We have recently sold our big rig "The Winchester" and are on the hunt for a new tour vehicle. We could use your help! One time or monthly supporters, -it's all appreciated. You definitely keep us going! We are currently 50% funded.
~We have more physical copies of  our last album,"The WitcHunt" CD/DVD, in stock now or download it- whatever is easier. Please check out our Merch Store, every little bit helps keep us going.
~Thank you for keeping up and supporting this crazy journey!!
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