Our art is meant to challenge perspective, inspire growth, and encourage connection. It’s about the journey and the experience, not the destination.”

— TD and Veronica Benton

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All donations are tax deductible as WCS is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. EIN:81-3133724

White Collar Sideshow uses music and film to to bring people together. Performing has become the bridge to connect with people. Whether you meet T & Veronica face to face or you catch a show, the hope is you'll walk away inspired, challenged, encouraged and mostly loved. The bottom line is "people" and the ultimate mission is to love and serve. White Collar Sideshow builds and supports relationships within the community, encourages others to give up destructive or addictive lifestyles and shares about how God has been the glue to their journey. The latest project titled, I Didn't Come Here to Die released in October 2019. The original film that plays onstage is a black and white nod to The Twilight Zone and is focused on "Identity." White Collar Sideshow doesn't require contracts or guarantees for their performances. For over 10 years, they have lived on the generosity, love and donations from amazing people just like you.

-Although WCS is on the road full-time, we LOVE becoming an extension of peoples lives and using our art to; challenge, encourage, inspire and build into others. We are supported by people who believe in what we do as a mission, so to say, using music to reach out to people in a unique and original way. 

-If you would like to support us prayerfully, thank you very kindly. We appreciate prayer and we need it!

-Financially, we live on love, generosity and donations. If you would like to support us financially, you can give directly to our PayPal- booking@whitecollarsideshow.com, send to our PO Box 10866, Fort Smith, AR 72917 or deposit directly from your bank. Please email me for details: booking@whitecollarsideshow.com All donations are tax deductible as WCS is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Org.

-We have been so excited to bring the 'Sideshow' around the U.S. and to many different countries! It's been an unbelievable experience! Many relationships have been made and lives changed. Honestly, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for God changing our lives, and our friends from all over the world who believe in what we do...
Thanks for supporting us, believing in us, and loving us...
Sincerely, thank you, and 
thanks to all of our "FAMILY" from around the globe!

TD and Veronica 


Finally, if you would like to mail a check or gift card, feel free to send it to:

White Collar Sideshow
PO Box 10866 
Ft. Smith, AR 72917

Thank you for your support and for keeping us on the road!!