From the recording I Didn't Come Here to Die

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I Didn't Come Here to Die

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Title track for our upcoming album releasing October 4, 2019 through Curtain Call Records.

Music by TD Benton and Chris Baseford, Lyrics by TD Benton. Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Chris Baseford and Mastered by Brysson Rockwell @ Windsor Sound.


Got a civil war state of mind
Where my heart keeps fighting my head
I feel ashamed all of the time
And I trampled all over the dead
Got a lotta blood on my hands
And a bunch of teeth on my fist
Ribs and face are all smashed in
So messed up I couldn’t resist

I didn’t come here to die
Just remember what I said
Wanna live a white lie
Better open up your head
Rotted brain has been weak
And for that I plead the fifth
I seen the devil’s fingernail
On top of Fort Smith
I didn’t come here to die

Got a Jezebel state of mind
It’s a cancer that I can’t trace
You see the reaper he’s a counting time
Slow death what a twist of fate
I took a long and winding road
Just to find this filthy place
Mistakes I can’t control, can’t feel my soul
Cause I think it’s been laced

You see my demons are big and tall
And the end could be getting near
And with my last breath who will I call?
Cause it’s God’s face that I fear
It could be discipline that I need
When my head’s wrapped blue and gray
I wanna fight my dirty deeds
And Jezebel’s the name I will slay

I seen the devil’s fingernail
On top of Fort Smith