From the recording I Didn't Come Here to Die

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Tombstones for Eyes (Brazil)

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Music and Lyrics by TD Benton. This song was recorded at Family Mob studios in São Paulo, Brazil through CONVERSE Rubber Tracks with Jean Dolabella of EGO KILL TALENT and Sepultura, Andre Kbelo Sangiacomo, Alex Vinicius of Medulla on guitar, Herr Schwein on drums, Veronica on bass and TD Benton on vocals, drums and percussion. Mastered by Brysson Rockwell of Windsor Sound.


Outshined with closed minds
We’re stale as hell, euphoric lives
Let’s redefine this flat line
We’re paralyzed
Rewind look back on time
Quiet death bell, selfish zip line
Let’s redefine this flat line
We’re paralyzed and
I’ve got tombstones for eyes
-and I realize
-and I recognize
-in a web of lies
Manhandled and mangled
Suffocated and strangled
Self-medicate this anger and hate
My prayers have been dead
And the guilt I can taste
When, why and where
I simply don’t care
The question is how
To measure sin and what’s fair
Born and bred and left for dead
The taste of life
Went through my head