From the recording I Didn't Come Here to Die

Music by TD Benton and Chris Baseford, Lyrics by TD Benton. Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Chris Baseford and Mastered by Brysson Rockwell @ Windsor Sound.
Featuring Tom Ware.


Dead man walk
I got that target on my back
Dead men stalk
They push the violence to attack
Dead man hide
From the thing that should not be
Dead men feed
On the serum deep in thee
Dead man pray
That the horde would pass me by
Dead men crave
For the taste of me and mine
What would I live for?
What would I die for?
Bitterness haunts me
Hatred, I can’t breathe
Violence I don’t know
When will it change? GO!
Valley of the Skull
In the Valley of the Skull
Dead man ride
Got the outfit on my boots
Dead men rise
Now that we are in cahoots

Dead man guide
From the dusk until the dawn
Dead men bite
At the chance to live again
Dead man’s eyes
Here but not the now
Dead men’s lies
They are falling from the ground
Love I would live for
Love I would die for