From the recording I Didn't Come Here to Die

Music by TD Benton and Chris Baseford, Lyrics by TD Benton. Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Chris Baseford and Mastered by Brysson Rockwell @ Windsor Sound.


A crack will break your back
A physical attack
Look up don’t snap your neck
Feeling life’s regrets
Love me!
Hug me or hang me
Love me or shame thee
Noose is wearing thin so
Don’t sit around and blame me
Love me or shame me
Chain me and tame thee
Feedin’ off of that apathy
So hug me or hang me
Convenience is the name
Wants and needs become the same
Fallen planet needs to change
And change indeed it seems so strange
Love me!
Sleep my friend don’t wake
Dream to end your hate
O ye of little faith
Love me!
O ye of little faith
This world can really change