From the recording I Didn't Come Here to Die

Music by TD Benton and Chris Baseford, Lyrics by TD Benton. Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Chris Baseford and Mastered by Brysson Rockwell @ Windsor Sound.


Come on let’s get psycho
On our own term and slowly burn
Turn into a new mold
Apathy crawls way down below
Lost my dark mind, nothing but black sky
So view my eyes
Swing unseen all night, into a new life
Unknown demise
He created me, everything
Like spiders weave, like spiders
He created we, like spiders weave
Like spiders weave, like spiders weave

We’ve been bought and sold
I’m a slave, so feel my pain
Underneath I’m not sane, just vain
Tell me who’s to blame
Watch them colored shades
Identify it turns to gray I fade
What’s my name?
I have lost everything I gained

I cannot control the bought and sold
The down below now, deep in my soul
You will see the void, the hole
Sink back into sleep, surround me
I feel you breathe, stand beside me
Feed the crazy, set me free