From the recording I Didn't Come Here to Die

Cover arrangement by TD Benton and Chris Baseford. Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Chris Baseford and Mastered by Brysson Rockwell @ Windsor Sound.
Featuring Tom Ware.
Written by John Densmore, Robert Krieger, Raymond Manzarek, and Jim Morrison
Published by Doors Music Company, LLC (ASCAP)


You know the day destroys the night
Night divides the day
We tried to run, we tried to hide
Break on through to the other side
We chased our pleasures here
Dug our treasures there
Can you still recall the time we cried?
Everybody loves my baby
She get high
I found an island in your arms
Country in your eyes
Arms that chain, eyes that lie
Made the scene, week to week
Day to day, hour to hour
The gate is straight, deep and wide